Our offers are aimed exclusively at business customers.

RS Kunststofftechnik specialises in corrosion protection elements for screw connections, in particular long bolt projections (telescopic caps), lock nuts and washers.

Our services

Constant product inspections ensure consistently high quality. Thanks to our own mould-making facilities, we can supply you with custom solutions in just a short time. Just about any variant of cap height, washer height and washer diameter is possible, all with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Having our own mould-making facilities enables us to quickly realise any customer requirements when it comes to screw protection caps. Part weights of up to 600g can be realised.

Already during the development phase for new projects, we proactively help the customer achieve their goals by making models and prototypes. More info

Wide variety

Even despite standardisation, the range of possible screw connections is immense. RS Kunststofftechnik therefore strives to make available a wide variety of protective caps. Our special focus is on solutions for long bolt projections, lock nuts and washer covers. Short delivery times are guaranteed thanks to our customer- and order-specific production.

Furthermore, an intelligent inventory control system ensures that 90% of these protective caps are always kept in stock.